Glass Animals - Interview


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We were out in Berlin last weekend catching bands against the backdrop of the now disused Tempelhof Airport, Berlin. The festival was rolling down the runway and pretty lively. One of the acts we were keen on catching up with were Glass Animals.  The band have had a hectic summer schedule and are out on a tour of the U.S imminently. Check out their run of shows in the States:  And, Joe trolled us, didn’t he. Good lad.

Before we get into a few quick questions take a listen to ‘Black Mambo’.



Radio Active: One of the first signings to Wolf Tone (Paul Epworth’s record label) a while back now but congratulations still! We are big Paul Epworth fans & his curation tastes are impeccable. How did that signing first come about?

Joe: He came to watch one of our first shows in London, and then took us for a drink afterwards. Sort of like going on a date with a super model. We got on really well, went to see Flying Lotus and the rest is history.


Glass Animals



Radio Active: Favourite moment with Paul or the label so far – any funny anecdotes you can share?

Joe: Making the record in Paul’s studio was an amazing time. He basically left us to it, we did our own thing in there and turned it into glass animals HQ. There were lots of great moments, it was a really wonderful experience.


Radio Active: Summarise your dress sense as you write this. Tropical shirt & underwear combo’s on?

Joe: Yes to both of the above as it happens. Plus a kimono.



Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 13.42.35



Radio Active: You have known each other since school, in this day & age that is refreshing to see a group of friends living the dream! Tell us briefly about growing up as a band in Oxford.

Joe: Do people not stay friends any more!? Madness. Growing up in Oxford was cool. We used to go hang out in a park called the Rec. And get stoned. Sometimes we’d listen to music and build bonfires it was cool.



Radio Active: Occult Bunny Lagoon…. talk to us!! lol. You once summarised the band with those chosen 3 words can you tell us some of the thoughts behind it.

Joe: I’ve never heard those three words before in my life. If someone used them if definitely wasn’t me!

( NB: Nice one Paul Lester at The Guardian – if Glass Animals did utter those words your interview was no more memorable than this one will be.)


Radio Active: Experimental Indie & 90s/00s R&B – vibey.  Can you pick a song from one of the artists you love for our readers?

Joe: Amerie – 1 Thing


Radio Active: Who should we be looking out for – any fresh new music tips for us?

Joe: There is a great band I discovered the other day called the Kings of Leon CHECK THEM OUT!

Radio Active: Awesome, we will put them on our new discovery list next to The Beatles, Robert Johnson and sliced bread. Thanks guys. There you have it, Glass Animals ♥ Kings of Leon. Instead of checking out new breakthrough band K.O.L we think you should watch the video for Exxus instead.   Nice one. Actually feels kind of nice to be trolled by Glass Animals  – we feel special.



You can listen to Glass Animals on the Radio Active playlist now 


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